Thursday, October 06, 2005

Not to worry you but... Didja know that the US Senate approved $4 billion to fight the upcoming and inevitable Pandemic Bird Flu? That's right, 4 Billion. And it happened on Thursday, Sept. 29th, 2005. Okay, what the hell is going on here? First off, besides Yahoo news, how comes it wasn't on the front page of most papers? I know the current Republican government likes to spend money like they're big liberal Democrats but obviously this isn't some crack pot theory or we wouldn't be approving that kind of cash when we're so cash strapped. So does this mean that the numbers are right, 5 to 150 million people worldwide will die? I don't really like those odds. Why is this so low on the radar? And why are we all hearing about Paris' breakup? 150 Million people? Read this quote from David Nabarro, a Briton who is one of the leading World Health Organization's (WHO) public health experts, as senior UN coordinator for avian and human influenza. He was appointed by Kofi Annon: "Let's say the range of (human) deaths could be anything between five and 150 million. I believe the work we are doing over the next few months on prevention and preparedness will make the difference between for example whether the next pandemic leads us in the direction of 150 (million) or in the direction of five," Nabarro said. Okay, so worst off we lose 5 million people. Five million! Holy Crap! That's the low end contingency plan. Meaning that if the world governments working together do everything right, we'll only lose five million human beings. I don't like those odds. Did that scare you? How about this: We expect the next (human) influenza pandemic to come at any time now. It is likely to be caused by a mutant of the virus that is currently causing bird flu in Asia," Even worse. It's not a matter of if this will happen, only a matter of when. Okay, again, why the hell isn't everyone talking about this? This doesn't seem to be taking up the news media's attention, but instead we focus on the trivial. Does this mean the story is too big -- or we have accepted our own fate -- that probably this could be the first of many more global tragedies. I'm sure I'll have much more to say about this. Hopefully, any new readers will start doing some Yahoo News or Google News searching on bird flu to get up to date. And then write your will. Oh and Happy Healthy New Year to everyone, from a Jewish perspective. I hope we're all around a year from now. And then you can say "ha-ha" Mark was totally wrong. Unfortunately, I think I might be right.

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